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Whether you are looking to hold a small meeting or streaming your conference to thousands, Imperial Venues can support you. Combine traditional face to face events with the virtual world and gain a wider audience and more flexibility with your event.

Here at Imperial Venues, we have always offered an element of hybrid and virtual events offering video conferencing, live streaming and recording your events. We understand very well how all events can differ from each other, because of this we have a dedicated in-house audio-visual team who are experienced and trained in delivering your hybrid and virtual events.

We are here to assist you in connecting with your audience no matter how big or small with a capacity to stream your live event to 10,000 people. Our team is working hard to make different platforms available for you to host your virtual event and we are pleased to inform you that we are currently running on Skype and Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many social media platforms.

Offering technical support and our expert services, your event can be recorded and edited to suit your needs so you can send it out to your audience after the event.

We also work with partners who produce bespoke AV sets.

Benefits of hybrid and virtual events

  • Wider audience
  • Green and sustainable
  • Reduces health and safety concerns
  • No venue capacity limitations
  • Eliminates uncertain global travel restrictions
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A dedicated audio-visual team

We offer professional, reliable and economical support with:

  • Live event sound
  • Stage and atmospheric lighting effects
  • Large screen projections and graphics display systems
  • Live video recording of your events
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