Six Questions to Ask your Wedding Venue

Of all the decisions you need to make when getting married, working out how to find the perfect wedding venue is probably one of the biggest. It’s also one of your largest wedding expenses, so it’s important that you get it right!

Besides simply falling in love with the building, location or décor, what should you look out for? To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together some questions to ask London wedding venues.

1. Is my date free?

Before you work your way through a long list of questions, save yourself and the wedding venue manager time by asking whether they’re actually available on the day you want, especially if you have your heart set on a particular day.

2. When can I get access to the wedding venue?

There’s plenty to prepare for your big day, so finding out how far in advance you can get access to it is an important question to ask. For example, some wedding venues may allow you access the day before, whereas others won’t open their doors to you until the day of your wedding itself.

This is something to discuss and negotiate as early as possible in your decision-making process, if getting access early is a deal breaker for you.

3. What support is available on the day?

Some wedding venues may leave you to manage everything yourself, whereas others will have someone on hand to ensure have everything you need on the day, and smoothly manage things behind the scenes. So make sure you know what you get before you book, and what you’ll need to organise yourself.

4. Do you offer in-house catering?

If you want to minimise how much you need to organise, and have extra peace of mind on the day, it’s a good idea to involve as few separate suppliers as possible. And opting for a venue with in-house catering is one less potential headache, as your wedding venue will be responsible for ensuring the food is ready and served smoothly (it will also be prepared on the grounds, reducing the risk of it getting stuck in traffic!). So ask whether your preferred wedding venue offers in-house catering.

5. Can our ceremony be held at the venue?

If you’d like to hold your entire wedding under one roof – from ceremony to reception, choose a venue that has a wedding licence. This way you can prevent the need for you (and your guests) to traipse from one location to another, and just relax into your big day from the moment it starts.

6. Do you have accommodation?

Just as you don’t want to be traipsing from location to location during your wedding day, you probably don’t want a long journey at the end of it – and nor do your guests. So check that your wedding venue has accommodation either on site or very close by. It’s also worth asking whether they have a range of accommodation types to suit different budgets, and make sure your guests are all catered for.

Need more wedding planning tips?

If you’re planning your wedding, we’ve got some more tips to help make it easier for you. To start with, make sure you avoid these five mistakes when choosing your wedding venue. And if you’re social media savvy, find out how to chose the perfect wedding hashtag.


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