Seven Hot Wedding Trends in 2017

Like many things in life, weddings are subject to fads that come and go. And many couples find keeping up with the hottest wedding trends tricky.

You can find inspiration from a wide range of sources. So if you’re planning your own wedding for later this year, here are seven of the latest wedding trends to keep an eye out for in 2017.

1) The Natural Look

The natural look was a major wedding trend for wedding venue decoration in 2016, and this looks set to continue into 2017, with many couples choosing to bring the outdoors indoors with simple, less formal decorations.

If you want to give your wedding a rustic chic vibe, you could opt for the ever-popular fairy or tealights in jam jars, hand-tied floral displays for your guests’ tables and hand-written blackboard wedding table plans and signage.

2) First Look Photos

One of the most special memories of any couple’s wedding day is the moment when the groom first catches a glimpse of his beautiful bride. So why not capture this special moment forever?

First look photos are an increasingly popular ‘thing’. You can either prep your photographer to capture the groom’s traditional aisle turn, or you can set up a first look before the ceremony.

These sweet, and increasingly popular, shoots can feature just the bride and groom, or include the bridal party, and are often one of the couple’s favourite shots from the day.

3) Traditional Weddings

The traditional, elegant white wedding is also still on the cards for many happy couples in 2017. Whether you want to style it as ‘vintage’ or simply ‘traditional’, the white veil, tiered wedding cake and wonderful multi-course, sit-down meal all retain their appeal while other trends come and go.

Elegant and historic wedding venues in London and across the country are still among the most sought after, seducing couples with their timeless, fairy-tale qualities.

4) Daring Dresses

In 2016, wedding dresses took a decidedly more daring turn in terms of silhouette and cut. Last year’s catwalks showcased designer gowns with openly plunging necklines and romantic off-the-shoulder styles – many of which will inevitably filter into local boutiques this year.

If you want to avoid the traditional route but don’t fancy a plunging V or off-the-shoulder dress, you can also opt for other growing 2017 wedding trends for wedding dresses, such as capes, separates, ruffles and bows.

5) Wall of Lights

Fashions in displays and props at reception venues have also seen some changes. Gone are the big, gaudy displays of flowers. Instead, 2017 could be the year of the ‘wall of lights’.

Many couples have been requesting that walls at their venues be decorated with cascading strings of fairy lights, which can make a fantastic focal point during the evening, and give a special, romantic feel to the occasion.

6) Paper Flowers

Paper flower displays are also another hot wedding trend. They’re a pretty way to add a charming, homemade feel your wedding décor or bouquet, without blowing your budget. If you like, you can easily learn how to make them yourself. They also make a lovely, personal parting gift for guests.

Want to create a more permanent keepsake or bouquet? Choose homemade fabric flowers instead.

7) Alternative Wedding Cakes

One wedding trend that remains popular is the ‘alternative’ wedding cake, and imaginative wedding menus. The foodie culture that has flourished in the last couple of years means many couples are abandoning the formal sit-down wedding meal and traditional three-tier fruitcake in favour of more casual buffets of fusion or street food.

Popular alternative wedding cake ideas include cheese, macarons, doughnuts and cupcakes.


Too many choices?

Many couples planning their big day can find keeping up with the latest wedding trends and ensuring everything is spot-on a time-consuming and stressful process. So don’t! Enjoy planning and organising your theme in the run-up to your wedding, and choose a venue that will co-ordinate your big day for you.

Many venues employ in-house venue managers who will co-ordinate everything on the day, take care of all food and drink needs, and ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Leaving you free to enjoy your big day and make truly beautiful memories – whatever wedding trends you decide on.

To find out how our in-house event managers can support you, our wedding team will be happy to help.

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