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Ways to embrace sustainability at your next event

Choosing the right venue can make all the difference when it comes to making your event more sustainable.

As an academic venue, we adopt Imperial College’s Campus-wide Environmental Policy which invests itself in reducing the amount of waste, carbon emissions, energy use and other factors that impact negatively on the environment.

Here are some ways that Imperial Venues can help you run a more sustainable event:

  • Food waste: Food waste from South Kensington’s main catering outlets is collected for composting.
  • Waste: Our recycling is sent to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is separated by trommels, magnets, infrared sensors and jets of air.
  • Recycling methods: Where bins are provided we aim to segregate glass and paper & card separately. These are sent directly to an aggregate firm and paper mill so additional sorting, transportation and energy use are avoided.
  • Location:  Access and Public transport links to our venues are excellent, owing to our central location which means guests and delegates can travel to events with a low carbon impact.
  • Energy: Energy saving programmes in place that include using combined heating and cooling units in many of our venues.
  • Water: Water saving devices and projects to reduce the consumption of water on campus.
  • Suppliers:  We aim to source recycled products and our catering kitchen aims to use local suppliers where possible, thereby reducing food miles. Fair Trade, organic and free-range product options are also available.

For more information on how you can host your next event with us, or learn more about our unique venues, contact the Imperial Venues team.