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Six ways to make your party memorable

Are you planning a party and want to make it as memorable as possible? If so, there are some key things you can’t leave to chance. To help you plan a fun party – one people will be talking about for years to come – here are six key tips to get you started.

1. Pick the right date

For a party to be memorable you need guests. So, while this may seem obvious, it’s still worth noting: you need to choose a date when you know the people you really want to be there are likely to be available.

If it’s an evening party and you want guests to let their hair down and have a good time, then a Friday or Saturday night, when they probably won’t have work the next day, is a safe bet. Consider times of the year when people will be on holiday, and December as you’ll be competing with Christmas office parties and other festive commitments.

2. Choose a theme

If you want to get your guests excited about your party, tie all the elements of the events together and make it easier to choose the right food, décor and activities, then choose a theme. How far you extend the theme (fancy dress, music) is down to you and how enthusiastic you think your guests will be about it – and what the London party venues you shortlist will allow.

3.  Send out your invites early

You also want to make sure guests block out their diary for your party, and don’t double book before you have time to let them know it’s happening. So send out your party invites as soon as possible. If you don’t have final details yet, you can always just send a save the date invite.

4.  Don’t over plan

A party that’s so rigidly organised that every minute is accounted for and there’s no room for spontaneity isn’t much fun. So by all means have some ideas of how to entertain your guests, and when food will be served, but allow space in between for the party to flow naturally and guests to mingle and catch up or get to know each other.

5.  Think through your menu carefully

If you’re planning to serve food, think through your menu carefully. What type of food do you want to offer, and how much? If your party has a theme, work with your venue to come up with creative ideas to tie the menu in with is. And don’t forget to cater for any special dietary needs. You don’t want your party to remembered because guests went home hungry!

6. Plan your music

If you want music at your party, don’t leave the selection to chance. Play the right tracks, and you’ll have a packed dance floor and plenty of happy memories to look back on. Pick the wrong tunes, and the only thing on the dance floor could be tumbleweed. So make sure you choose your DJ carefully, and give them a clear brief of the kind of songs you know your guests will love to dance to.

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