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Six steps to planning the perfect party

Regardless of what you might be celebrating, it can be a great excuse for a party. It’s an ideal time to get your friends, family and favourite people together to celebrate.

But how do you plan a party that everyone will remember for the right reasons? What kind of considerations do you need to take into account? And where do you even start with party ideas?

To help make your event truly special, here are six steps to planning the perfect party:


1) Choose a party theme

It’s not obligatory, but the quickest way to get your friends into the party spirit is to pick a theme for your event.

The options are endless! You can go for the simple ‘Sparkle’ theme or give your guests an excuse to glam up with a theme like Hollywood glitz. Maybe go for all-out fun with a theme like back to school, James Bond or Star Wars.

Whatever the theme, make sure you let everyone know in good time, and encourage them to join in by dressing the part yourself.


2) Use your party venue for inspiration

If you love the idea of a theme but are stuck for your own party ideas, another way to approach it is to choose your party venue first, and use that as a blank canvas to build on.

For example, if your London party venue has outside space, you could opt for a summer cocktails theme or a barn dance with a BBQ. Or if it’s a classic, elegant building, you may want to choose an equally classy theme like belles of the ball, or the roaring twenties.

Once you have the beginnings of an idea, check out sites like Pinterest or Instagram for ideas on how to bring your theme to life.


3) Plan your menu

Egg sandwiches and cheese and pineapple sticks are great, but you’ll probably need something a little tastier and more sophisticated!

So before you commit to a party venue, make sure you have the food chat first and check that they are able to cater for your party.  Don’t forget, you need to be happy with the menu you can choose from.


4) Choose your drinks

The same goes for your drinks menu. Most guests, unless they’re driving, will want something a little more exciting than lemonade. So check your venue has a drinks licence and is able to cater adequately for your party before you commit.

Even better if they can put together a drinks menu for your party – with your own special cocktail!


5) Pick your party games

Okay, so you may be a bit too old for pass the parcel and musical statues,  but that doesn’t mean that party games are out – especially if you’re planning a summer event.

Some party venues in London with outside areas will have more grown-up party games like giant Jenga. These games make great ice-breakers and can help turn an average party into an unforgettable night.


6) Design your invitations

So you’ve settled on your big party ideas, picked your venue and even know what you’ll eat, drink and play. Now you just need guests!

You could just text, call or email your family and friends to tell them about your party, or set up an event on Facebook. Why not have some fun and design an invitation befitting the planning you’ve put into your event?

If you’re short of time (and don’t trust your creative talents) you can hire a designer to create you an invitation. Or, with just a little time and creative flair, you can easily design one yourself using free online tools like Canva.

Once you’re happy with your design you can send your invitations out online, or print then out to send or pass out – making a great keepsake of the evening.


Whatever party ideas you have planned for your event, make sure it’s one people will enjoy and remember fondly.

And if you’re looking for a London party venue that ticks all your boxes, get in touch and see how we can help.