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Turn a routine meeting into a memorable one!

Are you planning an important meeting and looking for ways to make it memorable? Here are four simple ways to turn the everyday into exceptional.

1) Refreshments

If you’re planning an all-day meeting, refreshments will probably feature on your to-do list to organise. But if you want to turn a routine meeting into a memorable one, try to anticipate your guests needs before they have to ask.

For example, if your meeting starts in the morning, you could arrange with the venue to have a simple breakfast spread or pastries and coffee waiting for them. And make sure there are plenty of hot and cold drinks, and fruit, available throughout the day – plus mid-morning biscuits or cake.

If your attendees are staying for lunch, remember to check about any dietary requirements in advance. You could even present them with a menu selection in advance, to ensure that they’re happy with the choice available.

It doesn’t take much to turn your refreshments up a notch, and not just impress attendees, but actually improve performance and outcome.

2) Stationery

Are you planning on providing notepads and pens for your meeting? If so, don’t just think you need to go with a generic notepad. Or even a branded corporate pad and pen.

Think about how you want attendees to feel, or what they want to achieve, and pick some fun stationery to match.

You could go down the inspirational route, and choose pads with uplifting quotes or illustrations on them. Or, if appropriate, order humorous stationery. Even just plain but beautifully designed notepads and pens can elevate a meeting from mundane to enjoyable.

3) Mugs

Hot drinks are a meeting staple. So if you’re planning an important meeting, put some thought into how hot drinks are consumed.

Can you provide personalised mugs with attendees’ names on them, for example? Or with the aim or title of the meeting as a strapline? Or, to prevent their hot drink going cold too quickly, you could give every attendee a stylish travel mug.

4) Venue

You can try and dress a meeting up as ‘fun’ or ‘special’ as much as you like, but if your venue is dull, corporate and uninspiring you’ll always struggle.

So make sure that you pick a perfect, memorable venue for your meeting. For example, for ‘special’ nothing beats a period property. Think oak panelling, stunning floor-to-ceiling sash windows and chandeliers.

If you’re planning a larger meeting with perhaps a learning element, then you could book university classrooms or lecture rooms. Not only will it make a change from the usual corporate setting, but they’ll be equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment too (they’re also an economic alternative if budget is a consideration).


What creative meeting ideas do you have?

It doesn’t take much to turn a routine meeting into a memorable one. It’s just a question at looking creatively at each of the elements you’d normally organise and looking for a new or unusual way to approach it.

If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them – so please tweet us and tell us. Or even send us photos of your meeting!  

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