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How to make the most of technology at your conference

Planning a conference and looking for ways to make it more special and memorable? Here are some clever ideas of how you can make the most of technology at your conference.

1) Social media

Social media shouldn’t just be a core element of your pre-conference marketing strategy – it should be a focal point of your on-the-day activity too. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Create and use a conference hashtag and encourage exhibitors, speakers and attendees to use it on the day.
  • Encourage everyone to ‘check-in’ to your event.
  • Stream live videos of the event and talks.
  • Use real-time polls.

2) Play games

One way to excite and engage delegates (and get them to talk about and remember your conference) is to create a game at your event.

For example, you could hide codes, messages or pictures around the event that delegates need to find and share or unlock to win prizes.

Or how about asking delegates to register for the event with a photo. Attendees are then assigned another delegate or exhibitor to find. To prove they have found the right person (and win a prize) they either send a selfie together or answer a simple question about the person they have been matched with.

These are just two ideas – with a bit of thought and research we’re sure you could come up with some fun games of your own too!

3) Create a music playlist

To get attendees into the right mood for your event you can create a bespoke music playlist and host on streaming services like Spotify – then share with attendees.

You can even use it as a marketing/engagement tool by asking attendees on social media what songs they think should be added.

4) Use professional stage sound, lighting and effects

Choose the right conference venue and you should have access to cutting edge stage sound, lighting and effects. So check with your venue what capabilities they have, and ask what they have done for other conferences for inspiration, and any suggestions they may have for your event. Our dedicated Imperial Venues audio-visual team are always happy to talk through ideas and solutions with you.

Harnessing technology in this way can turn your conference from unimpressive to unforgettable and set a new standard for other events to live up to!

5) Video your event

If you’re planning another event in future, or want to use this conference as part of your marketing mix, then it’s essential you hire a professional to video it (most conference venues will either have an in-house videographer or someone they can recommend).

Not only will a video recording capture the atmosphere on the day, but it will help potential future exhibitors and attendees really see what the conference is like, and picture themselves there.

It’s also great for current exhibitors to share to their audience (including social media) – especially if they feature in it.

For more information on how you can host your next event with us, or learn more about our unique venues, contact the Imperial Venues team.