How to set up a Hashtag for your Wedding

Most of us today share some or all of our life on social media. And our wedding is no different. From the moment you proposed or accepted your partner’s proposal, you’ve probably been looking for ways to let friends and family know and keep them in the loop about preparations for your big day.

Using wedding hashtags has become one of the most popular and fun ways to get everyone involved. So, to help you share your happiness with the world, here are 10 tips for creating the perfect wedding Twitter and Instagram hashtags.

1) Use your names

This may be stating the obvious, but you want people to know it’s you getting hitched! There may well be lots of people with the same initials getting married on the same day, and that could lead to confusion. Celebrity couples have made ‘mash-up’ names cool, so do feel free to get creative – as long as you make sure people know it’s you.

2) Make it easy to remember

The easier your hashtag is to remember, the more people will get involved. So some up with something catchy and memorable, and stick to letters and numbers only – avoid spaces and hyphens.

3) Make it fun!

A great deal of wedding planning is serious, but your wedding Instagram hashtag shouldn’t be. At the end of the day it’s the ceremony, reception and photos which will stay in your minds the longest, and your hashtag should reflect the fun and love of the day.

A great, fun hashtag will also encourage guests to share their photos, giving you and your family and friends a glimpse into the day you won’t get from your professional photos alone.

4) Make it readable

We’ve all seen those ill-judged hashtags which appear to have a dual-meaning when read aloud. Avoid any embarrassment or confusion by making it readable, checking it can’t be misread, and adding capital letters to each word so people can understand it.

5) Keep it short

Similarly, we’ve all seen those hashtags which are #OverlyLongAndComplicatedAndDifficultToFollow. Something short and witty is the way to go. If you use one word, try to keep it to a maximum of six characters.

6) Don’t use symbols

Symbols don’t work in hashtags. Not only do they make your hashtag hard to remember and tell other people, but you’ll put people off using it as they can’t find how to replicate your symbol.

7) Add a wedding-related word

Adding a wedding-related word or phrase will help ensure your hashtag is unique. Something like ‘GettingHitched’ or ‘TyingTheKnot’ can work, or if you’ve picked wedding venues in London then adding the name of your venue might also help your hashtag stand out.

8) Use a wedding hashtag generator

If this whole hashtag thing has over-exerted your creativity, there are plenty of wedding hashtag generator websites which will throw suggestions at you. So let them do the hard work!

9) Test it out

There’s no point creating a hashtag and printing it on all your wedding invites only to find there’s another happy couple who beat you to it. So do a search to check it’s not already been bagged before you let people know about it.

10) Spread the word

Once your hashtag has been picked and checked, let your guests know about it. As well as adding it to your invites and perhaps even to the order of service for the ceremony, you could put it on the place names at your reception meal or on posters around your venue.

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